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How many times have you seen a headline about losing weight, looking skinny, getting healthier, with lots of advice by people who may or may not have true experience in these topics but write a piece about it to fill their writing/ blog quota for the month. We’ve all seen these. We’ve all also seen similar headlines about relationship advice. “How to know if you’re ready for a relationship”, “Are you in a toxic relationship?”, “Should you kiss on the first date?”, “12 best ways to increase your sex life.” Similar to the body posts, these relationship and sex posts are also written by people who may not be experts in them but need to write a piece on them to make that deadline for the magazine/ website.

And a lot of people out there are reading these and judging their own relationships, sometimes questioning their relationships, sex lives, love lives, etc. We get constantly bombarded with these headlines and the articles written about this – it would make you think everyone’s lives are lacking. Even when that’s not the case! I know this because I’m a particular sucker for these sorts of headlines and can never pass them up. But recently I’ve realized how bogus they are. They constantly make you question if your relationship with your significant other is on some sort of wrong path, even when you know it isn’t. Why? Because based on the article you could be doing these 5 things out of 8 to make your relationship better. This increases doubt in yourself and your relationship enough for you to start thinking there’s something wrong cause you’re not following the way it’s generally done out in the world.

We forget that our relationships/ sex / love lives are unique to us and don’t (and shouldn’t) work on someone’s advice or timeline. We know ourselves best and no matter how interesting the headline is, know that reading it should be a fun activity, something to pass the time rather than something to obsess about because you didn’t meet someone’s standard. Someone who is on the internet and doesn’t know you and will never meet you,  but had to write a click bait article based on no more than a catchy phrase.

Disclaimer: The same is true for many other things we read on the internet: losing weight, eating healthy, making quick money, traveling on the cheap, and the list goes on. Just because it has a catchy headline, does not make it true.

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