Window Shopping in Venice

Getting back to my blogging after a bit of a life hiatus. Today, I’ll take you through the narrow streets of San Marco, Venice and show you the splendid items you’ll see only in this place of the world. When I walked through these streets and came across the beautiful (and expensive) shops with their amazing window and storefronts, I couldn’t help but be in awe and take pictures of everything unique and different this place had to offer.

As everyone knows, Venice is (currently) the only floating city in the world. And what a wonder! It really is a sight to behold once you step away from land and onto boats that take you through the Grand Canal as you stare in wonder at the vast and wonderful architecture. Venice is a place I fell in love with right away, even before I had explored it. And the beauty of it is not only in the canals and the gondolas and the small step bridges connecting everything, but in the beautiful and intricate shops you find throughout as you walk and explore your ways through the slender passageways. This blog is more about pictures than about the writing because it’s only through the window shopping visuals that you’ll get an idea of what a unique, one of a kind place this is. And so VENETIAN in its element!

Enjoy these pictures of everything from rich, Venetian costumes to masks to  beautiful jewellery to thrown and crafted glass art to Venetian statues and stationary to little tidbits you only find in this place.


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I'm Shaista. Most of you know me as Shai. I'm back to work on this blog/website which I started many years ago but let go due to life happening. But now I'm back and willing to let my creativity have a platform on this little slice of the internet. This baby is my Sunday Morning project as that's pretty much the only time I have to read/write in the week. Let's see how this pans out.

Browse through, look at the pictures in the Gallery, read a post or leave a comment. And remember to take a deeeeeep breath at least once a day (we don't do enough of that!) Hope to see you on my page again soon!

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